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External and retractable vertical window blind - block the sun but keep your view

Australian summer days, even when indoors, can be unbearable. With the sun beaming in the windows and doors, even the blasting air conditioner can't cool the effected rooms.

iShade has created a solution in the form of the Ecoscreen vertical window blind. The Ecoscreen acts as a barrier between your home and the harsh sun, effectively blocking heat, glare and UV rays while allowing you to maintain your view and turn down the air conditioning and save money on cooling costs.

With the neat, slimline headbox, the Ecoscreen is small in size but big on sun protection, providing effective window shading for the Australian climate. By deterring harmful heat and rays, the Ecoscreen makes interiors comfortable, protects furniture and flooring, and significantly cuts heating and cooling costs. During the cooler months, the system can be inconspicuously tucked away to allow in the sun's natural winter warmth.

The Ecoscreen helps to create a cool retreat and minimise your eco-footprint, requiring less energy consumption in the home in the form of heaters and air conditioners. With the iShade Ecoscreen, you have a simple yet effective solution that will save you a bundle on the energy bill.
APPLICATION Windows and glass doors
SIZES Width 300mm - 4500mm
Drop up to 3400mm depending on width
HEADBOX 100mm (h) x 100mm (d)
GUIDE OPTIONS Choices to suit your preference and window type
Tracks Powdercoated Extruded Aluminium
Wire Cables Stainless Steel Wires
BOTTOM BAR Adding slight tension to fabric
Slat Powdercoated Extruded Aluminium Slat 40 x 20mm
OPERATION Manual Crank
SELECTION Removable external crank with handle attached to eye up to 3.6m width Motorised Somfy tubular motors that can be hardwired to a switch or operated via remote control
FABRIC CHOICE A wide choice of fabric is available to suit your unique situation
Soltis 86% To preserve stunning views, select different
Sunworker 90% grades of see-through fabric while still
Soltis 93% ensuring significant reduction of heat, glare & UV. Colours available only in 3m or 2.7m widths to minimise seams.
Acrylic 99% For a higher block out factor which may be required when maximum heat control or privacy is essential, select this nontransparent fabric option
FRAMEWORK Strong framework and components for durability and long life
Colour of Frame Choice of five popular colours from the Dulux Powdercoating Range: Black, White, Beige, Silver and Slate
Material Powdercoated Extruded Aluminium Framework
Nuts, Bolts & Fixings Stainless Steel
INSTALLATION Face Fit, Recess Fit (for motorised blinds only)

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