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Extra Tough Window Shutters,
keeps Intruders Out!

Protect your home with
"Protect" Window Shutters!

  • Protects your Windows from Intruders
  • Made from Tough Aluminium
  • A night time Intruder makes noise
  • Intruders don't get a Look in!
  • Not permanently fixed shut like security bars
  • Easy to Escape in an emergency

    Protect Window Shutters are manufactured using extra strength aluminium to protect your home and family. Strong, durable and made for tough Australian conditions.

    The strong construction and design of Protect Window Shutters help protect your home from intruders. Built strong in Australia for Australian conditions from quality materials.

    Protect Window Shutters are set deeply into side channels either side of the window, providing maximum strength and resilience. With Protect Window Shutters, it is immediately obvious to any potential intruder that your home is locked and secure.

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