Outdoor Shade Blind

Extending up to 6m wide, our Outdoor Blind can be optioned with HVG Plus Fabric or resilient Clear or Opaque PVC, delivering exceptional durability without sacrificing style. Offered in a variety of vibrant Colorbond colours, allows for a seamless integration into your existing outdoor aesthetic, enhancing your space while providing superior function.


The UNIZIP 100 enhances your outdoor living with our UV-resistant HVG Plus Fabric and durable Dulux Powder Coated framework. Perfect for standard-sized spaces up to 4m in width, it combines functionality and style. Customise from our extensive colour palette to match your personal taste.


The UNIZIP 130, tailored for larger spaces up to 6m in width, combines the superior HVG Plus Fabric and resilient Dulux Powder Coat. It performs without compromising aesthetics in spacious outdoor areas. Choose from a wide array of colours to blend seamlessly with your outdoor decor.